The 7 Keys to Sophisticated Seduction

Who is the Sophisticated Seducer ?

  • The sophisticated seducer is a mindful male. He is much more, than just a guy who gets laid a lot. The sophisticated seducer has a strong sense of ethics.

Not because society says so, but because he knows that with great power comes great responsibility. He enters and exits with grace …

  • He knows, that seduction is a two way street.

He knows, that when seducing a woman, he is also seducing himself. He understands the traps in this dynamic, and continues to learn how to avoid them. He knows how to notice his own AWARENESS FILTERS.

  • The sophisticated seducer knows how to stay clear of mentally vulnerable women.

He is neither a therapist, nor an exploiter of human weakness, but a player in the very best sense of the word.
He is kind, compassionate and curious about the world.

  • The sophisticated seducer is lighthearted.

He knows when to express his inner child and be playful, when and how to express his core masculinity and be passionate and sexually expressive. He knows how to be present, and therefore being attentive and a good listener comes naturally for him. He listens for resonance with his own core values. He knows his own preferences, and looks for connections rather than lays.

  • He values quality over quantity.

He does not settle for less than excellent. He has standards. He takes good care of himself, both his body, mind and soul.

He knows, that he by no means is perfect, and he has a humbleness towards life that enables him to move through the world without coming across as arrogant.

  • He knows the subtle differences between being sexual and sensual.

He can approach any topic in a conversation from a variety of seduction conducive themes.

  • He speaks clearly and from the heart.

Women enjoy listening to him, there is a warm subtle passionate quality to his voice. The sophisticated seducer can talk to anyone about anything.

He knows how to communicate in a clear, compassionate and courteous manner. But first and foremost, he is genuninely curious and interested in the world around him and his fellow human beings. Male, female or somewhere in between.

  • He sees women primarily as fellow human beings.

But he also knows how to bring out a womans inner Godess. He knows, that all women desire to be desired for the wild sexual creatureshe is, be connected through her heart and appreciated for the mind that is her own.

  • He knows how to speak to a womans Ideal Self.

The sophisticated seducer is a mindful male who never preys on a womans insecurities. He is a firestarter but never a gaslighter. He is alive and loves living.

  • He knows when to take action, and he knows when to be patient.

The sophisticated seducer is never in a hurry to “get” somewhere. He knows, that he is always exactly where he needs to be, and he knows that anticipation and savouring the moment brings great pleasure to both the women he is with as well as to himself.

  • Sophisticated seduction is more than “mastering technique”. At the core, it is a very different mindset of “wanting to GET women”. The mindset of wanting to be a succesfull human being, first and foremost.

How do you become one ?

Start by asking yourself, what is more important:

A. Being of value ?
B. “Gettin’ some” ?

  • If you answered A, read my ebook “The 7 Keys to Sophisticated Seduction”.
  • It will be available for download here shortly.

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